Beate Schreiter-Radel
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Curriculum Vitae

Artists Statement

The Austrian artist, Beate Melanie Schreiter-Radel, was born on 06.03.1974 in Eisenstadt, Burgenland. In 1997 she graduated with a Master Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 1998 she married Christian Schreiter.

Beate began to publicly exhibit her work in 1993, participated to various personal and collective art exhibitions in different sites in Austria and the Czech Republic (Prague.) In 1998 she was honored with the award of the “Burgenländischer Landesjugendkulturpreis”. She participated in the “Automne Fair” in Luxembourg 2003 represented by Gallery Palma Arte, Italy, and in “LineArt Gent 2003” (Belgium) represented by AAI Gallery, Vienna.

Beate uses forms and colors in her paintings and is determined by her pursuit of an intuitive and highly emotional expression. She endows her work with a compassion and hopefulness that parallels her personal life. She sees the world through the eyes of a constant explorer navigating from one exotic locality to the next. Usually combining the human face with forms, she paints sensations of light, atmosphere, and emotions. Her fine skills using oil colors and mixed media, emphasizing the personal tension between her design abilities and her picturesque visions. Her paintings are colorful, textured, and technically executed. Expressionistic, painterly, and inspirational.

Catalogs & Editions

  • “Burgenland Edition”, 2000
  • “800 Jahre Mattersburg”, 2002
  • “LINEART Gent”, 2003
  • “art pannonia 04”, 2004
  • “Malerei in Österreich zu Beginn des 3. Jahrtausends” (Krieger/Kramer/Alkier/Einem – Forum Artis), 2005
  • “Kürschners Handbuch der Bildenden Künstler”, K.G. Saur-Verlag, 2005ff.
  • “Burgenländisches Jahrbuch 2009”, Diözese Eisenstadt, 2008
  • “Leben gestalten 2” (Prof. Dr. Markus Tomberg), Ernst Klett Verlag, 2014
  • “ART3 – Zeitgenössische Kunst Europäischer Künstler 2015”, Art3 Foundation Group, 2015
  • “LDXArtodrome Gallery – Katalog Edition IV”, Dr. Stephan Kunkler, 2015

Selected Public Collections

  • Gallery of the country of Burgenland, Austria, 2003
  • General hospital of Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 2004
  • Windows of the Church of Virgin Mary´s Birth, Neudörfl, Austria, 2007
  • Episcopal see of Eisenstadt, Austria, 2012


  • ig bildende kunst


  • Teaching fine arts since 1996 (various courses)


  • 1996
    achievement scholarship, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • 1998
    “Burgenländischer Landesjugendkulturpreis”

Selected Shows/Exhibitions

(more then 40 shows since 1993)

  • 1996
    “premiere”, dungeon of Forchtenstein Castle, Austria
  • 1997
    “anfang & ende”, law court of Eisenstadt, Austria
  • 1998
    “zum schaffen verurteilt”, law court of Oberwart, Austria
  • 1999
    pannoniart, Lockenhaus Castle, Austria
  • 1999
    art & spirit, Neusiedl/See, Austria
  • 2000
    “M” Gallery, Prag 1, Czech Republic
  • 2002
    “ausblicke”, Artbox Mattersburg, Austria
  • 2003
    Foire d’Automne, Luxembourg (repr. by Gallery Palma Arte, Italy)
  • 2003
    Lineart Gent, Belgium (repr. by AAI Gallery, Austria)
  • 2003
    “ankäufe”, gallery of the country of Burgenland, Austria
  • 2004
    “brazilismo”, AAI Gallery, Austria
  • 2004
    art pannonia 04, Austria (repr. by gallery of the country of Burgenland)
  • 2004
    Latin American Art Museum, Miami, USA (repr. by AAI Gallery, Austria)
  • 2005
    “that’s new”, gallery of “ig bildende kunst”, Austria
  • 2006
    “reflexionen”, Blau-Gelbe-Viertelsgalerie Bad Fischau, Austria
  • 2007
    “Förderpreis für Künstlerinnen”, gallery of the country of Burgenland, Austria
  • 2007
    “Searching for Sense”, former Church of the Carmelites, Wr. Neustadt, Austria
  • 2007
    Schüttkasten Klement, Ernstbrunn, Austria
  • 2007
    “behind the mirrors”, Bergerhaus Gallery, Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
  • 2007
    Presentation of the windows of the Church of Virgin Mary´s Birth, Neudörfl, Austria
  • 2009
    “Nature & Fire”, Kulturhaus St. Andrä-Wördern, Austria
  • 2010
    Opening of her own studio & showroom, Neudörfl, Austria
  • 2011
    “diekunstistmirdieluftinderichatme”, Inforama Rütti (Zollikofen), Switzerland
  • 2011
    Galerie im Landesschulrat, Eisenstadt, Austria
  • 2011
    Prints, Artbox Mattersburg, Austria
  • 2012
    “Wir wollen nicht mehr, nur das Gleiche”, WKO Mödling, Austria
  • 2012
    “kunst & werk”, Fundermax Neudörfl, Austria
  • 2013
    20 Jahre Beate Schreiter-Radel – das Fest, Neudörfl, Austria
  • 2014
    “Wir wollen nicht mehr, nur das Gleiche – II”, Wolkersdorf Castle, Austria
  • 2015
    “KitzArt Award”, Museum St. Johann in Tirol, Austria
  • 2015
    “Edition IV”, LDX Artodrome Gallery, Malta